An introduction to the history of ashland oil company inc

These were the children of his company's families who were being trifled with. Second, Ashland also sold more refined products than it made, supplementing its own production with purchases of refined goods for resale, with a necessarily diminished margin. Much of the interest and many of the loans were later forgiven with an additional contribution of company stock to the fund from the Blazers.

Ashland therefore got out of the production business entirely, instead of spending on efforts too limited to achieve useful results. The mounds within the city used to be more numerous but were mostly destroyed in its construction.

History of Ashland, Kentucky

The following years saw an inevitable recession as the war machine was dismantled, but it soon became apparent that postwar America was about to indulge its love affair with the automobile as never before.

Blazer moved from Lexington to Ashland. At that point, Ashland formed a new operating subsidiary, Ashland Chemical Company, to oversee the workings of its manifold chemical interests. Vandeveer, with the support of Paul Blazer.


They gave him the power to run Ashland as his own operation, though at no point during his tenure as Chief Executive Officer — did he own a controlling interest in the company. Blazer Dam, [25] received site priority [26] and was built in the s without completion of the bridge top.

In all construction activities were consolidated, and Ashland Coal, Inc. Blazer selected a location on the banks of the Big Sandy River approximately two miles south of the Ohio River near the community of Leach Station.

Ashland Oil, Inc.

Thus, inAshland took the first in a long series of steps intended to lessen its dependence on river transportation of its crude supplies. Inchemicals and road construction were also sizable contributors, but Ashland remains primarily a refiner and distributor of oil products.

Blazer also started the well known tradition of having local Greenup County educator and internationally acclaimed author Jesse Stuart open each annual meeting with a story, a poem, or a bit of humor. Ashland became the trading, wholesale, medical, and educational center of northern Wisconsin.

Ashland Inc.

The workforce increased to by Scurlock Oil Company, a crude-oil gathering, transporting, and marketing firm, was acquired inthereby aiding Ashland in a shift from foreign to domestic crude-oil sources. ByBlazer had testified before the U. After the early s, only those companies willing and able to mount massive drilling campaigns would be likely to reap the benefits of crude oil supplies.

House of Representative on several occasions; and received appointments to the Chamber of Commerce of the United States' standing committees on "regulation of competition" and on "natural resources problems". In general, a refining operation that had access to its own local crude oil supplies would do well in the eastern Kentucky region.

The answer to the young attorney "Oh Henderson, do not enter such a meeting as this without knowing the outcome beforehand. Swiss Drilling Company is founded by J. The OPEC embargo and ensuing energy crisis had effectively raised the stakes in the oil-exploration game.

This meant that it would never enjoy the extraordinary profits brought in by big oil strikes and that its crude-oil expense would always be somewhat higher than for a fully integrated oil concern. Inhe moved his operations to the new fields then opening in eastern Kentucky, where, with the help of some powerful financiers in Chicago and in Cleveland, Ohio, he obtained control of nearlyacres of oil land.

Paul G. Blazer

Despite a postwar depression and economic pitfalls of its parent company, the Swiss Oil Company, the Ashland Refining Company grew into a regional leader as the supplier of refined petroleum products. But he was still fixated on building something for just the area Ashland Oil considered its home territory.

InAshland Oil became Ashland, Inc.Ashland Oil, Inc. occupies a middle position in the oil industry, far smaller than the major international players but large enough to remain a powerful competitor in its own region. Middle, too, has been its traditional emphasis on the refining segment of the oil business, in which it has long.

Ashland Inc. is a leading provider of goods and services to basic industrial and consumer markets, primarily those related to transportation and construction sectors. With approximately 25, employees and annual sales and operating revenues approaching $8 billion, Ashland has come a long way since.

Nov 20,  · Commodities Gold Oil; ("Cruiser") is a significant shareholder of Ashland Global Holdings Inc. ("Ashland" or the "Company") (NYSE:ASH). As shareholders in Ashland, we. History of Ashland. Ashland was incorporated as a City on March 25, It is located on Chequamegon Bay of Lake Superior.

Legend says that the “Shining Big Sea Water” mentioned in Longfellow’s poem “Hiawatha” was Chequamegon Bay. Before being settled by white men, this area was home to the Chippewa Indians.

Inunder Blazer's leadership the Company ownership changed from Swiss Oil to the Ashland Oil and Refining Company shareholder group in Ashland, Kentucky. Blazer was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the company. InAshland Oil became Ashland, Inc., further highlighting the lessening importance of crude oil within the company’s holdings.

Ashland’s business strategy was now focused on petroleum products, coal and chemicals.

An introduction to the history of ashland oil company inc
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