Imaginary invalid

He says that he will do everything he can. He also told him he has a daughter that loves him unconditionally in spite of which he wants to place her in a convent.

Molière 's The Imaginary Invalid

That done, he calls for his maid, Toinette. Unlock This Study Guide Now Start your hour free trial to unlock this page The Imaginary Invalid study guide and get instant access to the following: Then everyone will see how she really feels about him by her grief.

This is amazing gall Imaginary invalid a servant, and Argan becomes so incensed that he chases Toinette around the room threatening to kill her. Her stepmother and father agreed that Angelique should me married soon as possible, the stepmom threatens her with a convent and her father gives her an ultimatum — or she gets married or she goes to a convent.

Just then they hear Angelique coming, and Toinette suggests he do the same thing to find out how she feels.

The Imaginary Invalid

She tells Argan that all of his previous doctors were idiots who have totally misdiagnosed Imaginary invalid. Toinette, maid-servant of Argan. Act 1[ edit ] The play opens with Argan, a severe hypochondriacgoing through the bill from his apothecary the pharmacist item by item.

Toinette says to Beline that her husband had passed away. Toinette is not interested in putting up with Argan's temper, so she mocks his rage. He invites the gypsy dancers back and they perform a ceremony in song and dance that, they claim, makes Argan a doctor in the translation by John Wood, Argan suffers a heart attack during the dance and dies, whereupon the dancers stop dancing and assume deaths-head masks.

Oct Summary Argan, a fearful but miserly hypochondriac, divides his time between summoning the doctor to care for his ills and trying not to settle the resultant bills. Argan approves of the idea and Beralde says he knows a number of members of the medical faculty who can make Argan a doctor that very night.

Diaforious is most happy about in his son, though, is that he blindly adheres to the ancient medical beliefs and refuses to believe the new modern ideas like " circulation of the blood.

With that, Argan gets up and hugs his daughter. She is a graduate of Vanderbilt University. Soon after the doctors arrived and Argan told CLeante and his daughter they could play something for them. She doesn't know who the man is, but says that he looks exactly like her.

The Imaginary Invalid Characters

Then everyone will see how she really feels about him by her grief. Toinette asks him why, with all his money, Argan would want a doctor for a son-in-law. She is even more upset because she has lost him when he was still angry with her. Angelique even decided to throw Cleante Away and go to convent the way her father wanted.

Argan is desperate and consents to see him. More than that, Toinette downright forbids the union to happen. Diaforious says that he is very pleased with his son. Argan tells him everything that has been prescribed, and Toinette as the doctor contradicts every one, saying his doctors were ignorant quacks.

On the other side we have doctors that act like usurers that encourage such illnesses to make themselves rich. He pays out only about half of what is on the bill. Purgon, physician of Argan. Beralde hides as Beline comes in.

Argan is left with the two doctors and begs them to examine him. Argan returns and expects to surprise his daughter when he tells her that someone has asked to marry her. Once finished, he asks his father if that was satisfactory and if he should continue.

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Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. Even though the old man almost chased everyone away from him, the comedy has a happy ending.

That done, he calls for his maid, Toinette. After spouting more of this medical nonsense, the "doctor" leaves and Toinette comes back on as herself, supposedly outraged that the departing "doctor" has been trying to take liberties with her wanting to "take [her] pulse".

She finds Toinette crying and Toinette tells her Argan is dead.Taro Tsujimoto (Japanese katakana: ツジモト タロウ; hiragana: つじもと たろう) is an imaginary ice hockey player who was "selected" by the National Hockey League's Buffalo Sabres rd overall in the 11th round of the NHL Amateur Draft.

characters, cast, and synopsis of THE IMAGINARY INVALID The Imaginary Invalid was first acted at the Théâtre du Palais-Royal, February 10, This adaptation, commissioned by a.c.t., received its premiere June 13, A very common scenario: a business runs tens and tens of A/B tests over the course of a year, and many of them “win”.

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Imaginary invalid
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